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Swedish genealogy

Swedish genealogy

genealogical research

genealogical research

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Research your ancestors and their lives in Sweden.

Hire a Genealogist in Sweden

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You want to know what life was like for your Swedish ancestor. Why did they leave? How did they travel?

You may have heard of fika. But you suspect that’s not enough Swedish to research your ancestry.

You want help with your family history in Sweden, and to know more than the names and dates.

If you want to understand where your Swedish ancestors came from, you are in the right place

get the context

Our research is done for international readers. We want to make your heritage come alive and make sense to you.

You get copies of the records together with translations and explanations. This way you will know exactly what happened in your ancestor’s life.

You get the extra notes from the records, contemporary maps and photos that relate to your family history.

Together it will show you what life was like for your ancestor. You will discover the places your ancestor left.

make sense of your family history

get to know your ancestors

The traces a person leaves in the records can sometimes make it feel like you know them. And by that, you know a little more about yourself.

It’s always fun to learn about an accomplished ancestor or distant cousin. They came from nowhere and grew up to be scientists or build cities. So inspiring!

The truly meaningful stories are often about those you don’t understand.

They may have made questionable choices and you want to know who they were. Or they simply don’t make sense to you and you wonder what life was like for them.

And then you discover something that completes the picture.

sounds impossible?

most often, the records shed a light on their lives

That’s why our research reports include so much details from the records. We often use more sources than what’s needed to locate a person, when it gives more insight to their life.

It starts with a solid plan and thorough research
the answers are out there


There are never any guarantees in genealogy. Our ancestors changed their names. Records disappeared. Sometimes our ancestors were never in the records for whatever reason.
When you contact me, you always get an assessment of the scope of the research. If your ancestor is not found right away, I will estimate the chances of finding them.
If you want to learn more about your Swedish heritage, there’s a good chance that I can help you.
curious about the how it's done?

here's what you get


records explained

We include copies from the records. Relevant passages are transcribed, translated and explained.

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alternative sources

Whenever it adds to the understanding of your ancestor’s life, we use more sources than the regular.



We create custom maps that show where your ancestor lived. You also get contemporary maps and the exact location of your ancestor’s settlements, when possible.

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We include contemporary photographs related to your family history. It’s rare that portraits can be found. But just seeing the environment makes it easier to relate to the life of your ancestor.



personal profile

To make your research more accessible, we make a personal profile for your ancestor. It has the highlights, maps and photograps that bring them to life.

Personal Profile 400
Anders Börjesson Personal Profile 12 sources 400

source information

You get the source information. Of course. No extra charge.


If you want to find a swede

we can help you learn more about your Swedish heritage​


The rate is $70 per hour. For EU citizens 25% VAT is added. At least ten hours are charged, starting at $700. Optional installments at $700 are available. Any unused time is reimbursed. We discuss your research to make sure that the time is spent how you want. The time to trace a migrant to their birth in Sweden is typically about fifteen hours, at the cost of $1050.

Contact me to get started on your Swedish family history

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