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Swedish genealogy

Swedish genealogy

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Trace your ancestor

Get an extra set of eyes on your research with a research plan.

Plan your genealogical research

this is for you

You already have some experience with genealogy. You read every record before adding it to your tree.

You haven’t found what you’re looking for. Or you’re new to genealogy in Sweden.

You want to make sure you’re using the right Swedish records and do it effectively.

Let me give you an evaluation of where you are and a plan forward

how it works

The first step is to send me the goal of your research and everything you know related to it. It’s great if you have documents with source information. Send it using the contact form on this site.

What happens next

I will analyze your research goal and background information. This includes tips related to your Swedish family history. For instance, I typically describe how to use the names and place names in Sweden. It will make it easier to discover the person in the records.

You will receive a plan on which records to use, in what order, and alternatives for how to access them.

You will get
A strategy

A plan for which for records to search and in what order.


Suggestions on online services to access the records.


An analysis of what you already know.


Local tips related to your research.


A report delivered as a PDF.

If you want to continue your research in Sweden

we can make it happen

Get a personal plan and dive into the Swedish records with confidence


The rate is $70 per hour. At least three hours are charged, starting at $210.

Send me a message for a custom estimate​
As a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) I follow the Code of Ethics for APG.
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