understand your swedish documents

Swedish genealogy

Swedish genealogy


understand swedish documents

Translate and transcribe records, letters and other documents.

Translate Swedish letters and records to English

this is for you

Do you have Swedish documents about something vital in your family history? And you want to know what they say.

I can help you with that

how it works

You can submit your documents through this site – even from your phone. Or send me an email, if you prefer.

You will get an estimate of the time and cost before the work begins.

The translation is sent to you as a PDF.

You will get

Translation of the documents.


Handwritten documents are transcribed before translation.


Get the background to Swedish genealogy.


A report delivered as a PDF.

focus on family history

As a genealogist I understand your focus on family history.

If Swedish genealogy is unfamiliar to you, I can supply backgounds to the Swedish conditions.


The rate is $70 per hour. At least one hour is charged. This is usually enough time to transcribe and translate a small record entry. A full handwritten page may take two hours to transcribe and translate, depending on the content and handwriting.

Contact me for a custom estimate

As a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) I follow the Code of Ethics for APG.

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