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find a swede

Get guidance in your search for your Swedish family history. You can break down your brick walls and find your Swedish roots. A little bit of help with the records, history, and language is all you need.
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“I struggle with reading the notes in Swedish.”

“I’m frustrated by not knowing where to search.”

Sound familiar?
This is for you who want to be your own detective in the quest for your ancestors. Perhaps you have a brickwall and want ideas on where to look next.
It works like this. We take turns working on your family history. You are in control of your research and get a session when you want it. You spend five to ten hours on your project between each session.
You receive the answers to your questions in a report. It’s made according to the standards for professional genealogists. You get the sources, the reasoning and copies of all documents used.
This is not a course. You need some experince of research. You should know how to access the Swedish records. I recommend ArkivDigital. But that’s it. I’m here to help.

a word from a tester

“In each session I got an exact and complete answer to my question. It was always clearly documented when an answer was given – and documented also which records were examined and found not to be productive. I was very pleased and impressed with this service.”

Hej, I'm Annika

I’m a professional genealogist and the owner of Find a Swede. My goal is to help you find your Swedish roots. With so much material online, you have a good chance of finding your ancetry in Sweden.
You probably already know that there are no guarantees in family history. I can not promise that you will find your ancestor.
But the genealogy records in Sweden are (generally) detailed. Most of what you need is online. Find a Swede can give you the structure, context and translations that lets you get the most out of it.
I’m looking forward to opening this new service. It can help you learn about your family history in a deep and effective way.
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